Monday, 23 February 2015

Safety First When Driving

This post was written in collaboration with More Than.
I like to think that I am a careful driver. I used to commute to Manchester and back for three days a week, and I was always pretty safe. I think that when we know it may be dangerous – driving at high speed or on the motorway, then we do tend to be more careful. If I am really honest I would say that I  have been the most careless when driving really slowly. I have *ahem* pranged a couple of my cars in the past. Usually on low walls, pillars and once on another car’s bumper (I stayed and waited to tell them – oh the shame)… These are nothing to be proud of, however, if I do bump the car I tend to just notch up the scratch or little dent to just one to add to all the rest! I wouldn’t say I am a car person – cars get me from point a to point b and that is really all that matters for me at this point in time.
However, despite my little knocks and scrapes, I am quite keen on road safety. I always make sure that the children are secure and I do stick to speed limits and follow the rules of the road. (OK – I went on a speed awareness course once when I was a lot younger – the road looked like a 40 to me…) I think as we get older and more experienced driving we become more aware of the impact of the way we drive. A car is such a dangerous thing in the hands of the wrong person, and at best, a little knock can damage your finances. Maybe More Than's Telematic Driving Score style could help me to see how I drive, how safe I am behind the wheel and teach me the bad habits that I may have picked up along the way. I am quite keen to be a safe driver at all times, even when driving slowly or reversing!

For now though, I rarely use the car. I get the bus into work and back and with Spring on its way I will be walking more. So that suits me fine! Wherever you are driving or whatever journey you are undertaking with your vehicle, stay safe. It only takes a slight lapse in concentration and that’s it, you’ve another bump or scratch to add to that ever-growing list… or maybe that is just me???

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  1. I had so many 'prangs' in my early days driving with many pillars! xx


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