Monday, 5 January 2015

Two Peas in A Pod

There are about 16 months between Alice and Rosie. Alice is 3, is very proud to have ginger hair and we call her a Princess, because if you met her, you would realise just how very "proper" she is. She likes her clothes on straight and she hates her hands being dirty.

Rosie is 21 months. She has white blonde hair and we call her Rosie-Roo. Or just RosieRosieRosieRosie. She likes that. She also likes climbing, ripping wallpaper off walls and drawing in books. She also enjoys telling Warren "No Daddy - you NO SHOUT AT ME AGAIN. You go on the NAUGHTY STEP!"

Yes, her speech is quite advanced.

But for all their differences - they really are like two pretty peas in a pod. 

Over the Christmas holidays they have been inseparable. Now I'm not saying they always get on. That would be a lie. Rosie sometimes snatches crisps of Alice and Alice cries. Sometimes Alice brings a toy downstairs and won't let Rosie play with it, and Rosie screams.

Sometimes they argue in the back of the car simply because Alice says "It's MINE" to Rosie, about nothing in particular. So Rosie says "No... it's MINE!" and so on. 

We have quickly learned that what one has the other one wants, so we try and buy them the same toys. And sometimes the same clothes. (We don't always dress them the same, but it is pretty cute.)

In some ways it is like having twin girls. There is not a great deal of difference in them size-wise. I am often guilty of getting their clothes mixed up.

They both love wiggly-worm pasta.

I love seeing how close they have grown over the holidays. Alice was crying because she banged her toe/couldn't find her teddy/needed a wee and Rosie ran up to her - arms outstretched and gave her a giant cuddle "I love you Alice," she said. 

It makes your heart melt.

We are so lucky to have these girls (all three.) They make us laugh, and for the hard work we put in, we get all the love and smiles every day. Like watering a plant and watching it grow. But you know, a bit more effort than that.

I hope that you will continue to be this close, and to become true friends. 

Or fly together on their brooms and cast spells. Whichever really. 


  1. Aww, what a smashing post Kerrie. Love the idea of them riding broomsticks together, hehe!

  2. This is why we had children close together, to get THAT! Your girls are so cute together and the age gap is hardly noticeable, and will get less noticeable as time goes on x


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