Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Review: Clarks School Shoes

I was so pleased to be asked to review Clarks Shoes. Our girls are always on the go and growing up so quickly means that they go through shoes so quickly I can't keep up! Usually their Nan takes them to Clarks on occasion to buy them some new shoes. There is something really lovely about taking children for new shoes, maybe it's to do with how fast they are growing - but it is such good experience to share with them.

Alice needed new school shoes. She started pre-school in September and has had her last pair of shoes for a term. I thought this was pretty good going. They were patent and she had been a bit naughty and picked off some of the detail - and in any case she has outgrown them slightly so she needed new ones. We had a lovely time looking at the selection Clarks has to offer.

Alice chose the ones she wanted. She did a little cheeky smile when she saw the ones with flowers on. When the shop assistant told her that these ones have lights on them, that was it, we were sold. We had her feet measured and then Alice tried them on. The assistant was brilliant - she told Alice to run up and down in them, to jump and to have a look in the mirror. Alice lingered there, looking at the lights on the shoes - so proud and excited about them. I loved seeing her so happy about them.

The shoes are gorgeous. They have a velcro strap and flower detail on the front. The lights can be activated by the "special switch" on the side so they can be turned on and off as you please. These particular shoes cost £34. They are excellent quality leather that I know will last Alice for as long as they fit her.

We were sent vouchers to purchase the shoes for the purpose of this review, all words and views are our own.


  1. Oh she looks so chuffed in her new shoes - she is so cute! x

  2. Oh god, is that how much kid's shoes cost? Ouch.


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