Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mum's Outfit Of The Day


For today...

On my feet I am wearing odd socks. I spend a LOT of time pairing up socks for three children, and when it comes to mine? I don't bother. They get slung in the drawer. It's got to the point that if they are matching it is somehow wrong.

Leggings. Black ones. Probably with a bleach stain or two on, and possibly with a hole in the crotch and definitely slightly threadbare over the behind. It's a standard look.

Ugg boots. Cheap fake ones. Naturally.

For my top I like to throw on something baggy. Not only does this hide the thread-bare material on my derriere, but it can also act as a type of apron. Yes, hands often get wiped on this top, and it also doubles-up as a burp cloth or even a tissue in times of need for these small children of mine.

On my fingers I have nail varnish. It was my New Year's Resolution to make more of an effort, so I have made time for myself to paint my nails. Only that was three days ago so now they are all chipped and using nail polish remover in the presence of small children would likely be a disaster for all concerned.

On my face I wear my glasses. They hide my tired eyes and if I am wearing them then there is no need for eye make-up - it would just complicate things. My skin is quite dull, so I just slap it lightly in the morning to bring it round - usually works a treat. Only downside to wearing glasses is getting them ripped off your face by an angry one year old who swears that they are hers.

My hair is invariably up. Bitten by one of those crocodile clips to hold it all together like some sort of drunken pineapple. It is safe from small hands and hair-pullers up there.

I also wear a smile.

Because you know what, I have tried. I try to make time for myself, but... sometimes there just isn't any. I give all of my time to my children, my work, my studying, my house.

And so...

It doesn't really matter what I'm wearing. Not today. It's my smile that counts.  The fact that I am grateful for everything that I have - and these are the things that make me happy; my children, my family, my life - not clothes and hair and 'stuff.'

Anyone need a tissue???


  1. Great post. I do need a tissue actually. Thanks. :) x

  2. Awh.. you are never fully dressed without a smile. Someone important said that - can't think who! And as for "stuff" - who needs it. Except the boiler, Mine broke today. As did I for a bit. It is bloody freezing out if you haven't noticed x

  3. Great post! I am usually in jeans, with clipped back hair as it's a day or two, maybe even a week, passed wash day, screwed up tops that just about pass the sniff test and yesterday's make up still on! x

  4. You're a gorgeous lady - no need to for any 'stuff' apart from your lovely smile. If I ever wear anything nice it gets ruined and I got disproportionately upset. So I don't. I thought about washing my muddy parka. But what's the point? xx


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