Monday, 15 December 2014

The Mark Warner Holiday Blog Competition Thingy

We would very much like to be Mark Warner ambassadors for lots of reasons:

a) We like holidays. They are boss.

b) We are a normal family. We like to talk about 'normal family' stuff.

3) We lost track of the number/letter thing. Whaaat??

We LOVE holidays.

We also do BUSY.

This isn't really compatible with holidays.

We love family and being together. We have never reviewed a holiday - but if we did it would just be honest.

Mum would say sh*t a lot
Dad would be the "horsey" and try and read his newspaper
The Kids would run around bonkers and try and wreck the place.

The photos would speak for themselves - as if we could be anything but honest.

We're a normal family. With normal family stuff.

We're probably late with this application as well. Because we are clearly sh*t.

Oh f*ck.

I've f*cked this application up because I am just sh*t.

Sometimes I say the word muthaf*cka as well. Does this make me a bad blogger?

Does this make me a bad muthaf*cking mother??


I f*cked this sh*t up didn't I.



  1. Sadly I think you missed the deadline but if you hadn't then you totes would have won! x

  2. Oh bab. One day late! But they should make an allowance for a mutha fooking beaut family like yours! x


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