Saturday, 6 December 2014

Review: QV Skincare - Emollient Therapy

Most of us in or house have dry skin conditions. I have contact dermatitis on my hands and have to wear gloves in every aspect of cleaning around the house - the cold exacerbates the pain in my hands and even peeling vegetables can sting if I am not careful.

Alice and Rosie also suffer with dryness and some eczema  on the backs of their knees - this can get very red and angry at times - I have took them both to the Doctor about this and we are prescribed medicated cream at times.

So all things considered, I was definitely willing to try out QV Skincare to see if this would make any difference. 
I was sent a range of skincare products from QV Skincare. QV offer a programme of 'complete emollient therapy' - a cleansing and moisturising process to soothe, repair and rehydrate the skin.

We were sent the following products:

* QV Gentle Wash

* QV Skin Lotion

* QV Cream

* QV Intensive Ointment

These products are all graded from 1 - 4. So, 1 would be for lightly affected skin, and 4 would be for a flare-up. If you suffer with this type of skin condition you will know that when you do have a particularly bad flare-up say in winter or if you haven't worn your plastic gloves when washing up (or whatever your trigger is) - it is painful and the skin can crack, I like the way that QV have tailored the products to suit the particular 'stage' that your condition is at. 

I like to think that I am quite good at keeping in top of my skin condition. I always wear my plastic gloves and I moisturise regularly. I don't tend to use any type of special hand cream, but since using this I have found that my hands are softer - they don't seem to want to 'crack' - which is very important - if they crack then the pain can be quite awful.

What I Liked

QV products are what they say - it is a total emollient - the cream feels soothing and does not have an odour. It is think enough to feel protective, but without greasiness or stickiness that you can get with other creams.

I used this product on the backs of the babies knees. I must say that I have noticed a difference - the redness tends to come and go - but their skin is definitely more moisturised. I think the key is to keep up with the routine of cleansing and moisturising - keeping the skin hydrated and avoiding a complete flare-up.

My favourite cream was the intensive one - it feels really rich and I liked that it made my hands feel protected.

Any negatives?

Not really.The intensive cream is £10.62 for 450g - it is a large tub that would last you for a long time. You can also get QV products on prescription, so this may be worth bearing in mind. I wouldn't say that QV has 'cured' our skin conditions. I'm not sure there is a cream out there that can completely eliminate it - but this has definitely helped.

We received these products free of charge for the purpose of the review. All words and views are my own.

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