Friday, 12 December 2014

Review: Me and My World 'I Want To Be A Vet' Kit

At ours, we really love educational toys. I like watching the girls play together and enjoy seeing them learn and growing together. I was really excited to hear about They produce educational and fun kits aimed at teaching children about a variety of professions and roles whilst being fun and engaging at the same time. We couldn’t wait to get started with ours!

The pack we chose is “I want to be a vet” – I chose this because Alice absolutely loves fairies and princesses and all things magical – so I thought it would be lovely for her to learn about a real profession, and she loves animals so vet seemed like the best choice. 

We were not disappointed with the pack. Contained within the lovely drawstring bag is

·  Vet’s outfit – this includes a tabard, trousers and a hat. I love the way the tabard has removable labels with Velcro on the back – so you can be either a Senior Vet, a Veterinary Nurse or a Surgeon
·  Hand-puppet cat
* Mog Goes To The Vet - By Judith Kerr

You can tell from the photos how much Alice enjoyed playing dress-up. Rosie also got involved.

I particularly like the way the kits open up an avenue of exploration for children – Alice knew that people looked after animals but she didn’t really know what a vet was. The kit allowed us to explore the various roles that vets undertake – we spoke about surgery, and held the cat as I showed Alice how we might make an incision to make kitty feel all better. 

We sat and read about Mog’s trip to the vet too. Alice was quite the professional! Of course Rosie wanted to get involved too, and although she is a little but too young to be talking about the role of a vet, she definitely loved the book and playing with the cat. I am sure that in time I will be sat talking to Rosie about what vets do too.

The kits are great value  - the one we have is £26.99. I absolutely love them, and the kids do too – absolutely brilliant as a gift or a treat for them. They have lots of different types of kits for children - such as Fireman, Astronaut and Pilot to name a few - there is something for everyone!

Check Me and My World out on social media and their website for more information. 

Twitter: @meandmyworlduk
Facebook: Me & My World

 We were sent the kit free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words and views are my own.

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  1. Oh these sets look fantastic! LP would want to be an astronaut, if they do one. If not I think she'd make do with a Doctor! You kids are gorgeous x


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