Friday, 19 December 2014

Embrace The Weird

We're all weird in our own way. Sometimes we don't fit in, sometimes we feel ridiculous, silly, afraid, lonely in a room full of people.

I have long since realised that I am pretty weird. And I am not all that quiet about it either. It seems whatever I say, whatever I do - I can't help being a bit of a dick.

And now, I'm not trying to change it. I'm trying to embrace it. Trying to embrace the weird.

I'm never a picture perfect mother. But I didn't actually mean to tell the kids to stop being "fidgeting.... fannies" tonight over dinner, it just slipped out.

I'm not the perfect employee. I pinged a coffee stirrer across the room in a meeting once. I was only holding it, I swear. 

On my first date with Warren I fell over in the street, he had to pick me off the floor.

Weirdness seems to just happen when I am about. I just expect it now. I assume it's partly me being a dick and partly circumstances. Like the whole walking around my home-town for twenty minutes looking for my house after getting off at the wrong bus stop.

And the time I bought the wrong door numbers for our house. I was four houses out.

I have a good sense of humour. But sometimes, these things that happen make me feel like I have this cloud that hovers over me.

But I've decided to just crack on, and not try and hide it. Because it's funny. And ridiculous. And embarrassing - but as I get older I care less, and I'm learning. I won't change. I'm just going to go with the weird and not kick myself down for it.

I'm learning to embrace my inner dick.


  1. Kerri i'm in your gang, got my scarf stuck in the till at my new job & got the the 'fancy fans' mixed up with the paper ones & sold them for 40p. Luckily I work in a lovely museum. #notsacked. : )

  2. I love you and the dick in you. Obviously you don't have a dick in you. Well not all the time anyway. Oh sh*t. You know what I mean! hahahaha x


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