Friday, 21 November 2014

Wreck-It Rosie

There is always one isn't there.

One little critter.

Rosie is ours. She wants to climb, to explore, to rip,  She enjoys making a mess.

Alice is Princess Alice, all sweetness and light. Rosie is Wreck-It Rosie.

She likes to climb. Sometimes she climbs and reaches for my books and rips them. I have spent many minutes taping these books back together again.

And then there is the light switch. She loves the effort it takes to climb onto the couch, balance precariously on the arm, and reach over to flick the light on off on off on off. Her own little disco.

Then of course, there is the issue of re-arranging all the furniture in the house. The nest of tables needn't have bothered being a nest. All three tables are dragged around the house, they could be anywhere at any one time thanks to Wreck-It Rosie.

Oh and the washing machine. She loves to play with the dial on the washing machine. So much so that many a time, clean clothes waiting to be put on the line have actually been set for another three hour wash. Clean, clean, super-clean clothes thanks to Rosie!!!

She also likes to try and escape. Sometimes out of the window, sometimes just when out shopping. She tells you first though, which is nice.

"I'm runnnnning awaaaay!!!" She calls as she runs as fast as her little legs can carry her down the path - only it's not very fast and she is easily caught. She grins. Nabbed again.

And then there is her sister. They bicker. "Alice pushed me!" is a regular one. "Get off, Alice!" is another. So when Alice sleeps, Rosie likes to get comfy. "Giddy up horsey!" is what she said here.

And so, our Wreck-It Rosie is what she is. She likes rough and tumble. She likes to explore, to be cheeky and to be mischievous.

And we love her very much, just as she is.


  1. I love that she tells you she is running away.

  2. Ha! I love this, T likes to rearrange furniture and climb everything too. She's so cute! x

  3. This is adorable (I am sure you think so at the time too...... Haha).


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