Sunday, 23 November 2014

Review: Teen Parcel

As a mother of a tween girl, I was very excited to review Teen Parcel. Em is only eleven and I know that soon she will be 'blessed' with that time of the month. I remember it being an exciting but pretty scary time. We are very open about this kind of thing - we have already had 'the talk' - we have a good relationship in that way so I am happy to explain all the goings-on - good and bad!

So, Teen Parcel is a new concept - once a month you will receive a lovely little parcel, and in it you will find all of your sanitary protection and some lovely treats to make that time of the month a little bit more of a happy time.

I was very excited to receive the parcel. I wish I could say the same for Emily - the fact is she is entirely 'not bothered' about the whole thing. In fact this is pretty much her standard response to everything. She is probably embarrassed about me being enthusiastic about this, and I sort-of get what she is feeling. However, I think that when the time comes, she too will learn to appreciate this little package!

How Does It Work?

So basically you input your dates, pick your sanitary brand and then wait for your parcel to arrive. You can choose from sanitary towels or tampons, a variety of brands are available for different flows.

What Is In It?

We received the following items:

* Drawstring bag (handy to keep your protection in you bag!)
* A selection of tampons
* Bag of Haribo
* String bracelet
* Nail varnish
* Chocolate tea bag
* Clean & Clear Spot Control Facial Wash
* Clean & Clear Spot Control Moisturiser
* Clean & Clear Spot Control Cream

What Did We Think?

Well, Emily grabbed the Haribo and that was that.

She is only eleven and as I have said she is in a bit of denial about the whole thing! I thought that it was fantastic. I LOVE that you get a package in the post once a month. What surprised me was how much you get in the box - the usual price is £9.95 but your first one is just £5.95 - great value. Just a quick tot up of what you would buy these items for individually tells you how much good value it is.

The only thing I didn't like was that it is a bit too girly. The box is pink - which not all girls would appreciate. Also, the skin treatments are specifically for spots - Emily saw this and started worrying about spots and why she needed to get rid of them.

Overall though - very impressed. I have already decided to subscribe to this when Emily is ready, as . I know that she will love it, and it will make that time of the month a bit nicer.

We were sent Teen Parcel for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own.


  1. This is such a great idea and I wish it had been around when I was a teen. Although I wasn't the girliest of girls I went into hibernation for a week of the month out of pure horror and disgust. This would have definitely made me feel about about the whole thing! x

  2. It has just hit me that I'm (or the missus) going to have to explain periods at some point to Baby L. Mental. Also, I didn't know Haribo could be used to soak up blood. You learn something every day. Sounds like a great service / idea.


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