Sunday, 16 November 2014

Review: Albumcards

We love music in our house. We always have a radio, Youtube or the record player on in the day. Usually we are playing Pop music through Youtube for the kids, or Warren gets his vinyl out and pops that on. However, Emily likes to put her headphones on and listen to songs through her (my old) mobile phone. That's why we were really pleased to review a new product about music!

Albumcards is a new and fun way to send a present. It is a card, gift card and music album in one. The concept is fairly simple - you choose your album, and have it sent to whoever you would like to gift it to. They then receive the card and inside is a code to enable them to download the album.

I thought that this would make a great gift. Sometimes we are stuck for what to get certain people as gifts for Christmas or birthdays - a lot of the time I do get people vouchers for HMV or wherever -but this way is a bit more personalised - you can customise the text inside the card and have it delivered. I thought £9.99 was also a great price for this gift.

We received download codes for X by Ed Sheeran and In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith. Emily is a fan of both of these so she was quick to get using the code. I pretty much left her to do the downloading and she found it really easy. She can now be found lay on her bed, headphones in listening to these albums!

We were sent two downloads free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own.

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