Sunday, 16 November 2014

Mumsnet Blogfest: It's About The Community

Last week I was very honoured to attend Blogfest - a blogging conference organised by Mumsnet. I had also been asked to particiapte in a round-table as a contributor - I was very proud to be asked and was very much looking forward to taking part.

The train to London was a great experience, as I met up with Ally who writes Messed up Mum and Beth from Plasticrosaries. I have never met them before, but I recognised them from their blogs saw them stood at the platform - 5.30am nursing coffees - so we travelled down together, plenty of laughs and good conversation on the way down.

That's the thing with blogging, you see. That's why I love it. You really get to know people from reading their blogs. You've never met them, and yet when you talk to them, you feel like you have known them forever. It's amazing.

The conference itself was buzzing - it was very well organised with some fantastic motivational speakers, great food, great company. I met up with many of my favourite bloggers -  it's always like greeting old friends even though I may have only met some of them only once.

I also met Leigh for the first time. Leigh writes a very beautiful and poignant blog Headspace Perspective. Leigh suffered from HELLP Syndrome when pregnant with her baby boy, Hugo. Tiny Hugo was born at 24 weeks and sadly passed away after fighting for 35 days. I had followed Leigh's story from the beginning - something touched me - the way she writes, the love that she has for baby Hugo and her determination to make a difference by raising awareness through her blog - celebrating her gorgeous baby boy.

I gave her a big hug, because, well that's all that I could give.

Hugo and his Mummy. Sleep tight little boy xxx

We are all blogging for different reasons. Some of us for fun, some as an outlet, some as a source of income - or like Leigh, to raise awareness and create a legacy - we are all different and bring different experiences to our blogs. And still, we come together, support each other and create friendships.

That, for me, is what blogging is all about.

So, my session was How To Get The Most Out of Social Media. Do I know the answer? No. Can I offer some help? Maybe. My advice is simple - I just make friends. That is all I do. I do put my links on Twitter and Facebook - but I have a conversation. This is what blogging is about for me - it is a two-way stream - it's reciprocal - I enjoy interaction - I enjoy making people laugh and starting a conversation. So this is my advice, and I hope that it was helpful - it's the only advice I know.

I loved the session on How to Find Your Funny- it was hilarious. I like to try and be funny, and sometimes I just think you have to be yourself - there isn't really a technique - and these guys on the panel are just naturally funny. There were a lot of motivational speakers - and I always take the same message from blogging conferences - we are all individual, unique and we all have our own voices. We can use them whichever way we want.

So all in all - what a great day. There were some fabulous sponsors there and we all left with a rammed goodie bag, which is always nice. To be honest, whenever I go to London or anywhere far from home I wonder how I manage to get there. But my method works, I just scrawl down instructions and I usually make it on time.

The height of modern technological mapping devices
Thanks for having me Mumsnet.

I am now available for all public speaking appearances - weddings, birthdays and all that jazz. I'll be careful not to say bonking or tits, I promise.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, wish I had been there! x

  2. Oh Kerrie, it was so lovely to meet you after chatting on Twitter the fast few months. Thanks so much for the hug. Your words here made me have leaky eyes. It really is about the community - we get to know each other without meeting each other, and the actual meeting up is a huge bonus! It was a fab day. Hope to meet you again at the next do. Glad I'm not the only one with no sense of direction - I don't get maps and your method of writing it down seems far more sensible! xxx

  3. I love your instructions - reminded me of that Friends episode in London when Joey gets in him map! xx


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