Friday, 10 October 2014

Who are the Internet Trolls?

When you write a blog or an article you have your say and that is that. You have a little platform that you can vent on. It's not a big deal to everyone else.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there is an article or a post that causes a bit of a stir. Kiran, a very talented and brilliant blogger recently wrote an article on teaching feminism to toddler boys. I wholeheartedly agree with the post. 

Kiran is spot-on. If we are not feminists, male or female, then what are we? Do we not advocate the rights of women equal to men in all spheres? If we are liberal, then surely we are also feminist? This is clearly a contentious issue.

My point is that Kiran has also written a post, following some pretty horrible Internet abuse, including the suggestion that she should "have her tubes tied with barbed wire" by so-called Internet Trolls, that she is having a break from her writing. 

What on earth is a frigging Internet Troll?
It seems that if someone leaves you a negative comment, or something hurtful that they are called an 'Internet Troll.' This is nonsense, and the kind of nonsense that we just, quite frankly, have to get over.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no Internet Trolls. Nobody just sits alone in a darkened room searching controversial subject matters on Google in order to leave spiteful comments - I mean, why would they?

People who have read Kiran's post, and others, have left hurtful, spiteful comments because they believe them to be true, and have conviction in what they say. As much as us bloggers have our platform and our opinion, we too have given our readers a platform to also share their opinion. If that is hurtful, or spiteful, then it is tough luck. We have our little soap box here and our comments box is open. As are our share buttons and social media details. When we hit the 'post' button sometimes it might as well be a "hit me with all your might" challenge.

I wholeheartedly agree with Kiran - we should be educating our boys to realise that women are equal to men - in all aspects of society.

But the people that disagree with this and leave abusive comments?? 

Well, they are not trolls. Just people to be debated with. 

Feel free to have your say, "troll."

You will not win.


  1. *Applauds* Well said love.
    There are bloggers out there that have actually disabled their comments because when they were reading was too upsetting. Whatever happened to 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'?
    I do think that people are meaner online than in person sometimes because they have a wall to hide behind.

  2. Well done Kerrie, i fully agree. I have't read the comments but without even reading the post i knew that they could never be justified against anything Kiran wrote. Some people are pathetic and cruel which is very sad :( x


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