Friday, 17 October 2014

Dear Soon-To-Be Teenager

This is a letter for Emily. She is in Year 7 and is 11 years old.  It contains some helpful life hints that she may wish to take on board as she moves forward with her life. If you have a tween, or a teenager you may relate to this. They may need to read this too.

This is a tough time for all parties concerned - I understand there is some sort of transition happening - this is a weird in-between stage. But tweens, just have a word with yourselves, will you???

Here you go

1. Your Room

This is you Rightful Place and Dwelling. You sleep here. This is not where you eat. Do not pollute your own bed with orange-peel. Do not hide all of your socks under your bed. Do not leave your curtains drawn all day and all night. Do feel free to pick up wrappers, clothes, loom bands off the floor and put them where they belong. Don't blame the mess on your sisters who are aged 3 and 18 months, they can't even reach most of your stuff.

2. Your Homework

This is not optional.

Get it done. I don't expect a letter from the head of Physics (who incidentally happens to be your father) telling me that you have detention for non-submisson of paperwork.

You need to organise yourself. You don't have to fold every piece of paper you have into twelve. Your timetable should not look like the treasure map out of The Goonies.

3. Personal Hygiene

Yes, you must shower every day. No, you can't have a "day off."

4. Behaviour

It is the norm to converse with one's family. Say hello and ask how their day was. Don't just come straight in through the door, abandon bag and coat in the hallway and run upstairs, shut your door and play Minecraft. This is not sociable behaviour.

When we buy you "stuff" it's because we love you. Money doesn't matter - we don't have a lot of it but we like to treat you - please be respectful of this.

5. The Constant "Can-I-Haves"



  1. This sounds so like my daughter who is also in year 7 I'm sick of finding loom bands on her bedroom floor & she too hides socks under her bed and is antisocial and sits in her room with the curtains closed and apparently I'm the worse mum ever because I won't buy her a iPhone 6 and it's embarrassing to have my old iPhone 4 . I thought having a baby was hard work but having a tweenager is much worse. Xx

  2. This is brilliant! I'm sure as they leave yr6, they take an oath to be like this for a couple of years!! Em's latest is leaving her lunch at the bottom of her bag, so much so it becomes a walking health hazard. And as for tidying up her stuff....chance would be a fine thing! xx

  3. hahaha! I have a tween! In year 7 too.....I can so realate....This did make me laugh out loud...
    I've just showed it to my tween and her response was "pah...I still want an iPhone though" Grr Tweens x

  4. Great post! I vaguely remember my teenage years although I only spent half of them living at home - I think my parents must have got fed up of ever closed curtains and orange peel under my pillows! x


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