Thursday, 9 October 2014

Alice's First Day At Nursery School

We had submitted the forms for nursery-school ages ago. I couldn't wait. Finally five half-days of free nursery for Alice. They told us that the next intake would be January. Plenty of time away yet.

But last week, we received a letter, a place had become available.

All of a sudden I began to panic. She is only 3. She can't go to nursery school just yet...can she?

Of course she can.

Frantic, we scurried around buying bits of uniform and asking Nan to knit a cardi. I always loved the knitted cardis on them. Blue bows in her hair. Shiny black shoes.

Little Alice, who is actually like a real Princess Alice. Little Alice who loves mashed potato and like everything to be done 'proper'. Little Alice who helps me peg the socks on the washing line and likes to clean everywhere with a baby-wipe.

Little Alice who lets off the biggest trumps for a little girl that you have ever heard. Then laughs heartily.

The night before I am due to take her to school, I remember the Charlie and Lola book I read to Emily, years ago. Now I read it to Alice.

And I don't think they are ever too small for school. They are ready when they are ready. And Alice is.

But this morning it seems she is not. She complains that she has a sore ankle. Then a sore belly. Then she is tired. But before we know it it is time to leave and she has her uniform on, eyes bright, hair in pigtails.

As we drive to school, she suddenly says "Mummy... I'm so excited..." I smile and tears spring to my eyes. We pulled up in the car, rain pelting down. Alice in her little pink Peppa Pig raincoat. Rosie laughing in  the seat next to her. We're a bit early so we sit in the car to avoid the rain.

"Mummy can you tell me the story of when I was a baby?"

How appropriate. We always tell this story and we cuddle and I kiss her sweet face as I tell her how she came from Mummy's belly and Daddy cried because she was so beautiful. I tell her how everyone came to visit her and we loved her from the minute she entered this world.

Before I know it it's time to send her in. She takes the teacher by the hand and walks in. I call after her... "Alice - do I get a kiss?" I feel slightly silly but she sprints back to me and throws her arms around me, big kisses. Then she runs back into the classroom and doesn't look back.

She looks tiny in her uniform. Definitely too small for school. But that is all in my head because to her, she is a "big girl." Everything is there for her, and she can be or achieve anything that she wants.

Beautiful, clever Alice.


  1. Aww! Bless her! I hope she has a wonderful time at nursery! She sure seemed keen to go in. Always a good sign x

  2. Oh my days I LOVE her little knitted cardie!! You just don't see that any more! :D x

  3. Oh she looks so grown up in her uniform!! x


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