Wednesday, 29 October 2014

9bars Mixed Seeds Cereal Bars

I was treated last week to a lovely delivery. A gorgeous little hamper filled with lots of yummy treats from 9bars for busy Mums on the go. I'm sure a few of you would appreciate the need for some of these!

Lovely package in the post for me!

I love that the folks at 9bars really thought about what they popped in the hamper. Busy parents are always on the go, and with a commute to face most mornings they really did put the effort into what they sent me! Inside the package I found a travel mug, a trolley-pound keyring (how could I ever manage without this!) A little cute alarm clock and of course a lovely selection of 9bars for me to review.

As I am on the go early most mornings I don't really like to sit down and eat breakfast - I prefer to just grab something and go. This is usually a breakfast biscuit or fruit of some kind. 9bars are a great alternative - packed full of yummy seeds and nuts they are designed to give your body that energy kick that it needs first thing in the morning.

Both myself and Warren tried these for breakfast and we are both fans. I love that they are filling, but with the good nuts and seeds that you need and filled with 'good fats.'

We were sent the following favours:

* Cashew and Cocoa
* Peanut and Raisin
* Almond and Raspberry
* Apricot & Strawberry

The fruit bars are quite sweet as well as being full of nuts and seeds. I really enjoyed them and they were really handy to eat on the bus or first thing when I got into work.

You can buy 9bars online - they start from £5.40 for 6 bars, so really not a bad price at all.

I was sent a hamper free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words and views are my own.


  1. I love healthy things to grab for brekkie as hardly have a moment to sit down. These look fab! x

  2. Love 9 Bars! They are so yummy and the ones I like are gluten free too! Perfect for on the go snacks! x


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