Monday, 6 October 2014

5 Essential Parenting Life Hacks

I have been a parent for just over eleven years. In these eleven years I have picked up some most-excellent tips (or LIFE HACKS) as they are now called.

So I'm sharing them with you.

You don't need to pay me or anything, these are free.

1. Kid's Crafts

Have too many kid's cards, paintings, craft items hanging around the house? Notice board, fridge, wall, full? Grandparents not falling for the "here's a picture Alice made for you at nursery..." line?

This simple life-hack will lift off the pressure. No pegs or string or display-making skills required.

2. Home-Cooking

Tired of trying to get your kids to eat veggies? Tried hiding them in pasta sauces and pretending that peas are little spacemen?? Try this product. Easy to cook and one of their five-a-day.

Or, if you are struggling for time to cook a hearty meal - let's face it, busy parents usually are - simply buy a nutritional microwave-meal for your little ones.

3. Work-Woes

Are you missing your partner while you are at work? Wish you could spend more time with them? The kids mean little or no private time don't they - I know...I know all about this. Which is why this most excellent life-hack is the one for you. Never be without your partner again, simply create a mini-model of them to perch on your desk.

Use a post-it for their hair.

You'll never be lonely again.

4. Crafty Kids

Kids want to draw? Got no wipe-clean mat? Fed up of ink/paint stains on your floor? Simply put the offending child on your rug with a load of pens and some paper. Ensure the rug is dark so the colours won't show up.

Chuck in a pair of shoes and a Russian doll and this life-hack is good to go.

Ensure that it is a dark-coloured rug now, won't you.

5.  Busy-Mum Make-Up Tips

Struggling with your eye-liner in the morning? Kids running around unravelling all the toilet roll and using your favourite foundation to bind it all together in some sort of abstract art sculpture?

Never fear. Just open your mouth when you are doing your eye-liner. It makes you draw quicker and you'll be finished in no time to bundle your children together and instruct them to behave like normal human beings.

So...there you have them. Five decent life-hacks for busy parents. 



  1. Had to laugh!! thanks for the quick makeup tip!!

  2. (Rushes off to buy huge brown carpet) x

  3. That is hilarious! I file pretty much everything in the bin! x

  4. hahaha! Mushy Pea bakes....Do they really exist?

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