Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Year 7: The Beginning

"Well, I had the tie around my head, so I took it off at the end of the day and left on Miss's desk but..."

This is my daughter's phone call to me at work this morning. What I hear is that she is playing at being John Rambo at a school in St Helens. And for that, she has left her tie in school and probably lost it.

First Blood?

No, more like First Year.


I had left her to it, when she first started school. Dressed her in her brand new crisp blazer, back-pack filled with books weighing heavy on her tiny frame, new definitely-soon-to-be scuffed shoes and hair in a neat plait. I had stayed well back, and let my eleven year old try and figure her way through the beginning of Year 7. Let her try and find her own feet, organise her own workload and learn her own lessons, ones not necessarily connected to her academic workload.

But now, three weeks on and we quickly realise that just because they are in 'Big School' does not mean that they will mature overnight. Two missed homeworks and a back-pack full of crap later, I decide to sit with her to organise.

We open her bag.

Out fall five letters informing me of school trips, science modules and general information. "I got them ages ago," she says, blaming time for her hoarding of this information. Books, pens, an empty butty box and a needled compass fall out.

I sigh.

Right, so we need a bit of help here, obviously.

"Show me your planner.." I ask hopefully. I tell her that everything will be fine, she just needs to be more organised and plan her time better. I open the homework planner with its scrawled lettering in her rushed hand...'History' ... 'Maths'...'Science...'

"Right, so you have history, maths and science homework..." I observe the ticks in the 'done' box in blue in. "And you have done those...where are they, have you handed them in?"

She looks confused, her little face, not a clue.

"No I haven't done them."

"Well why have you ticked them then?"

"Because I am going to do them."

*bangs head against wall.*

I calmly talk her through what a planner is for. It seems she has no clue. And while all this summer she has spent time outside on her bike, climbing trees, making bracelets out of frigging loom bands and creating box-men on Minecraft - she has not learned anything for Big School, at all.

Once we have organised and she realises that her way of thinking about homework is probably causing her more problems than anything, she is happy that her bag is clear and safe in the knowledge that I will be checking in with her every night from now on.

Maybe it was silly of me to think that she would just fall into the routine of Big School. And homework. Maybe she was too busy making friends and finding her way around the school. Learning teachers names and trying to stay out of trouble.

Or maybe she was too busy playing Rambo with her mates.

Either way, it is clear that she needs a little more hand-holding. At least for now anyway.

And probably a new school tie.



  1. Haha, sounds like my stepdaughter when she first started!! It took a few months to get her into the routine but by the time I had the novelty of big school had worn off and she didn't care!! Xx

  2. Sounds so like my daughter she just started secondary school too she's so disorganised xx

    1. I know, I will just have to keep on her I suppose x

  3. We're onto our second tie too.....lol Heaven knows where the first one went!
    My girl hasn't been so bad.....I've kept on at her and made her show me her planner everyday as soon as she's in from school....

    1. Well we are looking at the planner every night from now on :) x

  4. Bless her cottons - she'll be all sorted soon enough. x

    1. She is nothing like I was. I was a right swot - but then again she has more confidence and stuff than I ever did so I'm happy with her :)

  5. They all have wobbles! I found mouldy sandwiches in the bottom of Em's bag a few weeks ago and as for the uniform. We have 1 lost jumper (£26) and 1 lost pe t-shirt (£18).........We look in her planner everyday now as she is good at 'forgetting' her homework too xx

    1. Aww that's awful - I am dreading her losing the blazer!! And mouldy sandwiches - yep, been there! x

  6. Year 10 is no different #that is all.

  7. Oh bab. I currently teach five year 7 classes. FIVE OF THEM. And they are still super needy. I have had to put a ban on silly questions like "shall I turn the page over to keep writing Miss". But by Year 8 this all stops. Bless em. Give me sarky mean Year 11s any day x

  8. Year 7?! That feels like a huge lifetime away to me! Good luck! x


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