Friday, 12 September 2014

Winter Clothing

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I hate to say it but winter is just around the corner. It is this time of the year where we are going to need to wrap up warm, stick the heating on and drag the winter wardrobe out. With that in mind, here are some really great ideas to get you toasty warm.

1. The Kids

I absolutely love the all-in-one winter suits for the kids. Alice and Rosie still wear these - big padded patterned ones with detachable gloves. Fake fur-lined around the hood and zipped right up to the top - keeps your little ones all snug and warm.

I also love sleeping bags for the kids at night - much better than blankets or duvets that fall off in the night.

2. Me

I am a big fan of big woolly jumpers in the winter. I like to layer up my clothes so I can just take off a layer when I'm too warm in the office or wherever. There are always some great patterns out for the winter - sometimes I even buy them in the sale the year before and stock up for the winter.

3. The Husband

Warren tends to wear jumpers to work for the winter, and has a big thick coat for the winter. I might buy him something like a mens cardigan to wrap up for this winter - I like a good cardi.

4. The House

We have cavity wall insulation and recently changed our wooden front door to a PVC one. We also use draught excluders. This makes our house toasty warm without too much effort, and too much cost!

5. The Bed

We change over from a summer duvet to a winter duvet. The winter ones are much thicker and make sure that we are not chilly in the night.

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