Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Homes

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We currently live in a three-bedroom house as a family. We are happy where we are for the time being but there will come a time when we want to move to a bigger home. Rosie and Alice share a bedroom and of course this is fine, but eventually it might be nice for them to have their own space. With that in mind I sometimes flick through the estate agent's pages and see where I would like to live and what type of house.

Obviously there are lots of different options and lots of things to consider. These are our requirements that we have in mind, and will refer to once we eventually get round to selling up and moving,

1. House Type

We are very happy with the style of our house. We live in a semi-detached and this is ideal for us. I used to live in a terraced house so I wouldn't rule that out entirely. I suppose it is just a case of looking around at the time and seeing what is best.

2. Area

I would be happy moving further afield. We live n Merseyside at the moment, but I would always consider a big move. Looking at property for sale in Devon however probably confirms that we will always live in Merseyside. As lovely as the area and the houses are further afield, we do love where we live and we are close to family and friends. Home is where the heart is, I guess.

3. Extras

We would like to have a few extras that we haven't got with our current house. We would like a garage to put our car and maybe some extra storage too. We would also like two downstairs living rooms to use one as a library, music area as we have lots of books and records to store.

4. Garden

We would love a bigger garden. Having the children means that they do love to play outside and we do have quite a lot of outdoor toys. It would be great to have a larger space to put all of these things in!

5. Price

Price is obviously a consideration. I am quite keen that we have a budget and stick to it. I would love to be able to have the right house at the right price for us so that we can enjoy our life with our family with no money worries. The perfect balance!

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