Friday, 12 September 2014

Learning to Drive

This post was written by a freelance writer.

Kids grow up so quickly and before you know it they've had enough of Mum and Dad's Taxi service and want to learn to drive.

Learning to drive is not as easy it once was. Now you have to take a theory and hazard perception test. This means having to learn the Highway Code from cover to cover and find some online practice tests to find out how little you actually know. All those signs, and remembering all the stopping distances sends a shiver down my spine.

The driving test is only 35-40 minutes (long enough for most people) and this includes the 'show me, tell me questions'. This is a chance for your examiner to ask you two questions, one tell and one show me. For example, show me how you would check that the horn is working or tell me how how you would check that you have enough engine oil. You can't however answer every question with a 'take the car to your local mechanic'.

As if the words 'driving test' weren't scary enough, the driving test now includes a part called independent driving. This is where your driving examiner will tell you to follow road signs to a destination or even memorise a diagram. Stopping at the side of the road to ask a friendly local for directions is not allowed. Although, it's not as scary as it first seems as the examiner can help a bit here to direct you if asked nicely.

Despite some people requiring many attempts to pass the driving test and it's bad reputation, the actual national pass rate isn't too bad at 47%. Like any exam or test, be prepared and then be prepared to pass.

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