Monday, 29 September 2014

Blogging With Integrity

I often wonder about this. Many bloggers are quite keen to maintain their integrity, blogging-wise.

I'm not sure I even know what that means. I'm just writing some stuff that comes out of my head. It might be a bit daft or rude sometimes.

What is integrity anyway?

The dictionary tells me that integrity looks like this:

The word honesty is correct for me but moral and ethical principles, I don't know. It depends what ethical and moral principles you have really doesn't it, and everyone has different ones.

I don't think I blog with integrity really. I mean, I might like to dress like a video hoe on occasion and make Peppa Pig bonking GIFs. I can also tell you how to organise your sex-life and I do a cracking gangster rap. 

So, just in case - this is the part of my blog with ALL THE INTEGRITY this blog will ever need.

Here it is.

I reckon Morgan Freeman has enough integrity for anyone. I don't know what type. But he just probably has loads of integrity. Enough for me.

And any blog.

Phew...that's me covered now.


  1. You are HILARIOUS!! I think I would love to get super drunk with you x

    1. Donna being in my head is like being super drunk all the time ha ha. :) x

  2. Haha - mad woman. Off to find your Peppa Pig bonking pictures :) xx

    1. Ha - Peppa Pig's Mum and Dad. Dirty gets, I reckon ... :)


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