Saturday, 13 September 2014

Baby Cuddles #PowerOfSoft

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I love having babies around the house. Alice and Rosie are so funny and gorgeous and well...cuddly. I know only too well that babies grow quickly into big kids - I can't quite believe that Emily has started High School already, It seems like only yesterday she was a babe in arms and we were cuddling on the couch.
With this in mind, I always make the most of having my little babies around. Lazy, cuddly days on the couch are actively encouraged in our house - you don't get this time back and once they are grown you can't turn back time. I am a working Mum, as many people are, but this does not stop me from having cuddles with my girls.

I still remember those very first cuddles.

And now Emily is 11, at high school and has been to her first prom - handbag and all.

Fairy are encouraging parents to cherish these cuddly times with their babies. We love their new #PowerofSoft video and I must admit to feeling a bit emotional when I watched it. But I didn't cry, obviously...go on , have a tears, remember!

Kids definitely grow up too fast. Time flies and it is so important that we do make the most of it. I still have my two little babies here to cuddle. But it won't be long until they are bigger and having their school proms.

But for now - we'll just sit and cuddle. Plenty of time for all that.


  1. Oh your baby photos!!!! Those cuddles! Lovely post x

    1. Thanks Donna - I really loved writing this one :) x

  2. Gorgeous post! They do grow too quickly... this time last year I was a very rotund grumpy lady. That year has gone so quickly. Just 17 more and my Little Miss will be a legal adult #ScaryThought

  3. Awww I completely agree - it's all about the cuddles. Gorgeous times.


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