Sunday, 21 September 2014

Adventures in Baking: Terry's Chocolate Orange Swiss Roll Part 1

I'm starting a new series on here called 'Adventures in Baking.' I have no idea about baking and I am only just starting to get involved. I thought it would be nice to show the ups and definitely downs of a new baker - I suppose I am trying to show that if I can bake, then anyone can bake.

But not with this post.

This was a MASSIVE FAIL.

But its OK, I'm learning.

So for this challenge I chose this Chocolate Orange Swiss Roll Recipe. from Casa Costello's blog. It looks yummy and is basically a Terry's chocolate orange chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and then rolled.

So it should look something like this beauty

It was all going swimmingly the cake baked lovely and the cream whipped up all peaky and soft.

Then I ignored the key part of the recipe that said "leave cake to cool" For some reason I was thinking "But if I leave it to cool, it won't roll..."

So I slapped on the cream with a spoon, and started to spread, but pretty soon I was just spreading mushy cream around because, yes, it melted.

Obviously I couldn't roll it up. So you know what, I thought - it's orange chocolate cake, smothered in cream....what is not to like??

So we ate it as it was, and it was bloody delicious!

Lesson learned from this bake: Follow instructions clearly - do not deviate.

I shall be attempting this little lovely one again very soon!


  1. You know what? I'd still eat it! well done for trying - loving your adventures in baking xx

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha! I love you for sharing this. You are AWESOME! x

  3. eek! bet it tasted bloomin lovely though!


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