Sunday, 21 September 2014

Adventures in Baking: Swiss Roll Part 2

So if you saw our Adventures in Baking Part 1, you will know that this particular endeavour did not end well.

Our swiss roll was a bit of an entire 100% disaster.

However, swiss roll will not beat me. This is part 2, and we made this today. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves really.

I swear I am not much of a bragger: BUT  LOOK AT HOW FRIGGING BOSS MY CAKE IS!!!

And also, because I am a mum and a wife and doing all house-stuff, I was also making a lasagne and a soup at the same time.

*pats self on back*

These were in my goody bag from the MAD blog awards. Gorgeous chocolate!

Baking selfie!

Multi-tasking,  obvs.

The babies were a great help...

Alice mix, mix, mixing the sugar and egg yolks!

Hmmm yummy. Yes I used Peppa Pig bowls... :)

We all got involved

Doing the lasagne, soup and cake...

Em licked the bowl. With her face.

Cake! This time I left it to COOL!

Whipped up the cream

Slapped it on!

Eeek! The scary roll bit!

Meanwhile the house was a bit of a tip
But check out our roll!
Yesss! We did it!

We will be continuing our baking adventures. No idea what we are doing next - suggestions welcome!


  1. bloody amazing, you are a secret domestic goddess...look at that lasagne on the go at the same time too! how about bread next time?

    1. Thanks Helen! Yes I do fancy doing bread. I have promised work a lovely lemon drizzle for Macmillan Coffee Morning - but I am confident with that now ha ha. Bread will be great challenge, might have to have a go next week! :)

  2. AMAZING! You are an awesome Mum! That multitasking, the kids in matching clothes... It's like a scene from Sound of Music! I bet you can sing too can't you?! x

    1. Ha ha! Donna - that's it!! I can do singing in 5 easy steps for my next blog post. *wails* :) x

  3. Yay!!!! Congratulations to you all! Cake, soup, lasagne extrodinaire!!!!!!!!

  4. WHAT!?!?! I didn't know those buttons were for baking - was about to go and eat them - bastards.
    Your swiss roll looks epic though! xx


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