Saturday, 2 August 2014

Review: MU Cheese

Last week we were invited to the National Football Museum in Manchester to meet George Sampson and for the kids to learn some cool new dance moves. You can read about that here. As part of the day we were invited to a cheese-tasting session with MU Cheese, which we enjoyed very much. We were also given a goody bag full of cheese to try and report back on the blog!
I must admit first of all to being a big cheese fan. I don't like lots of cheese, but just small amounts with salads, crackers, wine... I also like to try lots of different cheeses so this was right up my street. I am also quite keen that the kids get involved with cheese - I think it is much healthier for them to snack on cheese rather than the usual crisps and biscuits, especially while they are still growing!

As part of our sample pack we were given:

* MU Medium Cheddar Disks

These are great for sandwiches, and to be honest just snacking on as well. Alice has been snacking on them just as they are, so they are definitely a hit in this house!

* MU Medium Cheddar Sticks

Again these are great for snacking on. I would pop these in lunch boxes or picnics. Alice was also a big fan of these.

*MU Grated Cheddar

This is just so easy to pop on salads and sandwiches, no messing around with graters or chopping. I have found this really handy, and it tastes great too.

* MU Mature Cheddar

This is your usual block of cheese. The kids really enjoy the taste of this cheese, and myself and Warren have also liked it.


Overall we really love this cheese and we will definitely be buying these next time. I am really chuffed that the babies have started to see cheese as a little snack now, especially Alice, who has been stuffing her face with the cheese as you can see! What I also like about the product is the price - it really is low-cost, even for the grated and shaped cheese, which is usually a lot more expensive when made by other brands. MU Cheese is sold in Tesco, so we'll definitely be stocking up on more!

We were given samples of cheese to try for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own.

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