Saturday, 9 August 2014

Family Budgeting

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This day and age everyone seems to be watching the pennies - the cost of living sometimes seems like a mountain to climb, especially if you have children. There are a few things that we do as a family to save money, and I have included them in this post.

1.Supermarket Offers

I sometimes like to shop online. When I do this I buy my usual products and then check the website for the offers. The buy one get one frees and half price offers are all there in front of me, and I can pick and choose as I like. I find that when we go to the supermarket I tend to miss the bargains, as the kids are playing up or it is too busy and I can't concentrate. Doing my shopping online helps me to focus, so I do tend to stock up on staples that are on offer.

2. Student Discount

Of course I am a student and so I do have an NUS card. I save an absolute fortune every year by using my card. I am not embarrassed to ask if anywhere does a discount - I am a student and I pay for my own education - 10% off a few bits and bobs here and there really does help!

3. Loyalty Points

We don't stay loyal to any particular supermarket or brand, we do tend to shop around. However, I do have a variety of loyalty cards that I do use. We do shop at Tesco so we use the loyalty card every time we go and when we fill the cars up with petrol. These loyalty points are great for saving money on shopping or doubling up for a day out at the cinema or going out for something to eat.

4. Vouchers Online

I never buy anything online without looking for vouchers or money-off codes. I'm not being tight, I just think money is better off in my pocket than wasted unnecessarily. This website is a good place to start when searching for money off vouchers and deals.

5.Childcare Vouchers

We spend quite a lot of money on childcare. Childcare vouchers are a great way to save money on tax, as the money for your childcare is taken out of your account before tax is applied. This really does add up and saves us quite a lot of money each year.

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  1. Hi, I am studying with the OU from October. I didn't know I could get a student discount card! where do i get one from?


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