Monday, 25 August 2014

A327 War, Peace, Modernity - Getting a Head-Start

Yes, you read that right.

Finally, in my last and final module I am being organised and getting ahead with some reading! I think I have finally realised that being ahead is probably the best way to operate when you have three kids and a job and all that on top of studying! I think it is the thought of the final FINAL exam scaring me into it to be honest!

So...last module....#exciting!

A327: Europe 1914-1989: WAR, PEACE, MODERNITY

To be honest I am a bit sad that it is coming to an end. And totally ready for what is next. I am not ready to finish my student days yet, and I don't want a year out. I want to put more effort and more time into this because this is my passion. And so, finances permitting, this time next year I'll be a post-grad student. So I don't need to change my blog name...amongst other considerations, obviously.

So, first off. Books arrived. So exciting. I think I could be an Open University student for the rest of my days and still get excited at new books.

So this year they look like this:

There is also a DVD and I have bought the set text Dark Continent by Mark Mazower for about a fiver, so I am happy with all my material now in place.

Obviously I had to have the annual "These books are MINE" chat with the kids. And instead of it being Alice trying to thieve my books, this year it was Rosie - who said "Mine mine mine mine mine" as I flicked through the new books!

Emily has written on the front of my new notebook.

And I also had to dodge some weird drawings in my pad, courtesy of Emily.

So everything is pretty normal, really. Apart from the fact that I have started reading the books and making notes. This I am very proud of.

My thinking is that if I can read through the module materials and get the notes down, then I can re-read them and do the online exercises and watch the DVD week by week. I am hoping that this sets me in good stead for the exam, as I would have read the information twice and hopefully I will leave myself some time to read the extra material. I am notoriously bad for not reading outside the course.

I'll be writing at least once every essay due date to give you an update and to to let you know how I am finding the course. The module doesn't officially start until October, so I'll be back writing more about this then. For now I'm just cracking on with the module materials.

I can't quite believe that I am in my final year. So excited!!!


  1. Are you looking to do your MA? I can thoroughly recommend the OU's MA - can't believe I am nearly done with part 1 - soon all i'll have left is the dissertation!

    1. Wow - 2 years part time MA seems like it should go pretty quick compared to 6 years undergrad degree! Not sure where I am going to do it yet Amy. I wanted to go to a brick uni but it's the cost that puts me off. I still have time to decide and of course I love the OU so I would be more than happy to continue with them :)

  2. Can't believe how neat your writing is. Very exciting. I think if I ever win the lottery I might do a history degree I like medieval :) good luck my love xx

    1. Aww I thought my writing was all proper squiggly ha ha. Medieval history is interesting, they were all bonkers weren't they. Thanks Emma xxx


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