Sunday, 13 July 2014

Review: Dulux Bedrooom in a Box

We were really excited to be given the opportunity to review Dulux Bedroom in a Box. Having Rosie meant that two of the girls now share a room, and it was a little outdated - we had Alice and Emily stickers on the walls, and actually now Alice and Rosie share the room. So we were really looking forward to getting stuck in and making over the room!
I thought that I might like to leave Warren to doing all of the job - but in the end I actually got involved with the work - and enjoyed it too. There is a video below that also shows what we did. I hope you enjoy it!

So, we started by opening the box.

The box contained the Peppa Pig mural, adhesive and paint for the walls and woodwork. We mixed the adhesive easily and quickly.

Yes, we used a Halloween bucket. We also used Alice's broken wand to stir the mixture.... Whaaat??

Mural Application

The mural comes in eight large pieces. It was interesting for us to do with review because we have a dado rail. We really didn't want to take of the rail and so we decided to cut up the mural pieces to fit, as we thought that this would be the best way to do it, and it actually was. Hopefully the video and the final pictures show you that it still does look good even with the rail there, sort of like looking at Peppa Pig through a window.

The separate panels were easy to fit together. We did end up with some uneven spots, and a few bubbles, but that wasn't because of the mural it was more due to the way we applied it and modified it to take into account the dado. I liked the way you could easily lift the panels if you wanted to pat it down again and get rid of some of the bubbles. My Dad is a painter and decorator - I am sure he is really quite horrified at my decorating skills!

The Paint

As explained in the video, we did not have time to test the paint fully. We tried both tins in small patched behind the door, and it seemed to go on smoothly. Having three children means that we were struggling just to get the mural on as quick as we could - Emily entertained the babies in the back garden for an hour while we did that!

You can see how the mural looks with the dado rail. Overall I think it looks great - we knew that we would have to modify it slightly to make it work, but we didn't have any complaints - and certainly not from the kids. Just watch the video to see how chuffed they were with the finished wall!

The Bedroom in a Box costs £70 and comes in a variety if different themes such as Fairy Princess, Avengers and Jungle Adventure - so there is something for every taste here. I think that £70 is a little bit pricey, however if you want a convenient and easy way to give your child's bedroom a makeover then this is worth the price. Be sure to measure up before you purchase!

Here is our video I hope you like it!

We were provided with a Bedroom in a Box for the purposes of this review by Dulux and Tots100. You can find out more about the Bedroom in a Box range on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Pinterest


  1. Haha we definitely went to the same school, I once used a halloween punch bowl for the paste.
    That is it now, you have Peppa annoying pig on your wall forever, you threaten to take it down now telling them that the pig is going to get it and the kids will be devastated.

  2. Alice is awesome "my room is all nice and tidy isn't it". I love their reactions.


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