Saturday, 26 July 2014

Our Visit to Imperial War Museum North

I am a massive history nerd, as you can probably tell from my blog posts about my studying. I absolutely love the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, and so I tend to go to every blogger event that they have - and this time was no exception. This summer they have a major First World War Cenenary exhibition - and we were invited to the preview.
From Street To Trench: A World War That Shaped A Region is the largest exhibition ever created exploring the lives and experiences of people from the North West of England during the First World War. Family visitors can crawl through a front line tunnel to find out how the sewer works if Manchester were employed for a secret task in France, or play hopscotch down the terraced street and discover period games and toys from 1914.

It was a very wet day when we went - perfect day to spend inside a museum!

 First off we were invited to attend a story time session. The children loved this as they were told a story from WW1. Alice and Rosie love story time in the library and so they were very well behaved - they love their stories and using their imagination!

We then set to work decorating our own yo-yo's - in keeping with the theme of war-time games. Emily, Alice and Rosie loved this part as they decorated their own yo-yo's to keep.

Once our yo-yo's were complete we set about exploring what the museum had to offer. My next university module covers WW1, so this exhibition is right up my street. However, I think that it is still something that is very important - it reveals what life was like for the people involved and shows their experience of war, which for me is what history is all about. I have written about the museum before, you can read my thoughts here. I love flicking back over these photos of the girls from last time we went to the museum and seeing how much they have changed!

We ate in the cafe of the museum - it overlooks the Quays so the view is great. We also once again went up the viewing platform and could see most of Manchester. It was raining but we persevered! The kids enjoyed the lift.

Do check out the IWM's website to find out more information about what is on during the summer. We do really enjoy it. There are lots of interactive games and activities for the children to take part in.

I am sure that this will not be our last visit to the museum!

We were invited to the Blogger preview event and were provided with tickets to the viewing platform and lunch for the children. All words and views are my own.

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