Thursday, 10 July 2014

A326 Empire Results

So the results for A326 Empire were due to be released on Friday 18th July, but this morning I got up and switched on my laptop and noticed loads of messages on the Facebook A326 groups. I knew the results were in.

To be honest I was all nervous and excited - I always get a bit frightened when I sign in to check the results.

Anyway - I got a distinction.

That means I now have two distinctions and level 2, and one distinction at level 3. My predicted grade is now a First Class Honours.

I am really over the moon, and actually quite proud. I tend to make excuses as to why I get good marks - my tutor is great, the question was straight forward, I had to narrow and focus my reading because I didn't have time, etc etc.

But this time, you know what...I'm just thinking "Oh wow. Well done."

Maybe I should start giving myself some credit for hard work, and a job well done. I put absolutely everything into my university modules because they really do mean a lot to me.

I averaged 90% this year, and scored 85% in my final EMA (the exam part)

I feel like I deserve it because I have worked hard.

And next year I will be graduating.

That's all from me now on the uni stuff until I start the next module in September. It's really lovely having a break - but I am itching to get back to work. I do enjoy reading for my degree - I can't quite believe that it is now my last year. It's been a long road.

One year left...


  1. I am so pleased for you Kerry well done - I wasn't expecting them either and was surprised to see them! I deffered A200 so only had A219 exam and ended up with a 2.2 for it - not anything to turn ones nose up at thats for sure - it's bloody hard work! Once again congratulations and feel free to send me all your hints and tips for empire before I start in september ;) Xx

  2. That's amazing Kerrie!! Go you, I hope you are very very proud of yourself xxx

  3. Oh didn't see this! Well done you!! X

  4. Hello and well done for such great results. I am starting the a326 next year and have only had proper exams at the end of my courses just done the greeks (yawn). Would it be possible for a copy of your ema to see what an end piece looks like as after paying so much for the course I would rather not give them more money for samples of their own. If possible I would be grateful if you could and email me
    many thanks for your time and again well done


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