Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Princess Alice

A term of endearment right? A beautiful, graceful Disney princess.  


I give you...

We call her 'Princess.' Believe me, that word is not one that I would generally use for my girls. Marrying Prince Charming is not really the sole aspiration I have for them.

However, Alice is a diva-like princess.

In that, in her mind, what Alice wants...Alice gets. At times she isn't prepared to do any of the leg-work for anything. She just wants it. On a plate.

"Mummy can you get me some water please....NOW!"

She says this in a perfect standard English accent that any princess would be proud of.

And what do I do?

Well, I get her water of course*. She is after all, our princess.

*After reminding her that manners cost precisely nothing.

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  1. This is just standard in our house! I am so used to be ordered around like a skivvy i forget whats normal :) x


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