Monday, 16 June 2014

Child's Play For Grown Ups

This post was written as a guest article by a freelance writer.

Kids get all the fun, don’t they? Sometimes it feels like we adults are just there to pick up the pieces. All work and no play… right?

Increasingly, the gaming industry, once famed for its target audience of teenage boys and children has extended to encompass – well, just about everyone. Whilst in many ways, this isn’t exactly great news for traditionalists, or those really simplistic people who blame school shootings on people who like to dabble in video gaming, it’s actually great news in a range of other areas. In opening up this sector to the masses, we’ve been given all kinds of new ways to pass the time. This is pretty splendid for a number of reasons:

Breaking Down Gender ‘Roles’

It doesn’t matter what gender you identify as, games are thankfully no longer archaic enough to be only seen as ‘boy’s toys’. Whilst unfortunately the marketing strategies and attitudes online don’t ALWAYS reflect this, there are now equally as many kick-ass girl gamers as there are guy gamers. Awesome.

Getting Smart

Did you know, gaming increases your brainpower? Okay fine. Nope, I don’t actually know if that’s true, but considering the amount of ‘brain training’ type games out there, not to mention interactive e-books and language learning titles, you’d think there was at least some truth to it…

Improving Your Health

Games can save lives. See? Even the Huffington Post says it’s true. Some games can help stroke victims, as well as help in the aid of treating depression, dyslexia and a whole host of other things. It actually looks like that whole ‘intelligence’ thing might even be true, too. Even better!

This is a guest article written by a freelance writer.
Right from the dance mats of our school days to the Wii Fit, games are now fair play (literally) when it comes to convincing yourself you’re keeping yourself in tip top shape. Apart from buying the games and the consoles (um… go with me on this one), you could literally save a ton of money on gym memberships and you don’t need to freeze your bum off going running in the cold. At least that’s what we can tell ourselves.

Making Money

Who needs fitness, being smart or even being alive when you can make money? Disclaimer: probably everyone, but a little helping hand probably wouldn’t go amiss. By checking out websites like Bingo Find, you can (as the name suggests…!) find a load of online Bingo sites that you can play from home, for pocket money. Think extra treats for you and the kids. Now, we’re not encouraging gambling, but the oldies have been playing it for years and it never harmed anyone. You won’t need to leave the house, either, so you won’t have to feel like a granny at the Bingo Hall!

Passing Time

Our smartphones have made this one even truer. Life can often put us in situations where, quite frankly, we’re bored out of our minds. While I wouldn’t recommend whipping out Candy Crush while your little darling is attempting mastering a piece on their violin (for the 28th time that evening), it can definitely make long train rides a whole lot more bearable.

So, whether you embrace games as an integral party of your life, or simply as guilty pleasures, it’s now more acceptable than ever to be one of the kids from time to time! Providing you don’t let them take over your health, and you don’t let your kids become couch potatoes in the process, it’s easy to see that games can have their good sides after all.

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