Thursday, 8 May 2014

I'm a Wannabe #MorrisonsMum...#don'tlikebeingleftout

So quite a few bloggers were selected by the supermarket Morrisons to take part in a bank holiday campaign to show Morrisons new cheaper range. Bloggers were sent £80 worth of vouchers to go and really enjoy their holiday weekend and report back to their readers about the new range.

I was not one of them :(

*cue LOADS of Awwwwws!*

I didn't get the chance to apply because my blog admin is poor. Oh come on, you know I'm busy! Anyway, never one to be left out of the loop - I have done my own Wannabe #MorrisonsMum bank holiday!

So, first of all we went to Morrisons.

What do you mean we didn't?? Anyway...

They have this new cheaper range out, which I think is great. I also love the smell of their freshly baked bread, and the way they present their veg is just fab. We stocked up on a few bits and pieces.

Then we decided that maybe we should have a Bank Holiday BBQ. Or at least some sort of outdoor eating experience. We decided to have a look out our beautiful outdoor toy area. But we remembered that we were having a clear-out and so the whole thing looked a bit messy.

Then we remembered that we were actually fairly pretty useless at doing barbecues.

And then it started to chuck it down so we called the whole thing off.

However, I can cook - at least I can cook savoury items. But then I was just having a bad cooking experience day all round. Nothing was going right.

So I made egg on toast for Rosie.

Raisins optional.

Alice's staple favourite:

And Emily's go-to food:

Later, when the kids were in bed, me and Warren enjoyed a nice glass of wine and toasted another successful bank holiday spent with our kids, spending quality time.

Doesn't really matter what you do does it. You don't have to be super parents, you don't have to break the bank - what matters is that you spend the time together. And having a bit of a knocked-up rushed tea once in a while is absolutely fine.

A frigging barbecue would have been nice though.



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  1. adayindadslife9 May 2014 at 09:25

    What a fab and funny post true though time spent with kids is precious so enjoy what u do and when ever u do it

  2. sarahhillwheeler9 May 2014 at 11:18

    Guess there's got to be a little rain sometimes! Count myself lucky to be a #MorrisonsMum, although the trip to the Maldives prize would have been nice too (and probably no rain).

  3. Another post from you that's made me smile :D x


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