Friday, 30 May 2014

Blogging Event: Toast of The Town Cocktail Event

I was extremely excited to be invited to a cocktail making masterclass at the Copthorne Hotel in Manchester. I definitely don't make the effort to go to enough blogging events so I promised myself that I would start getting out more, and I wasn't disappointed!

The event was designed to show us how to prepare some classic cocktails. I wouldn't usually drink cocktails on a night out as I am a bit of a light weight when it comes to them, and I also really like my wine, however this event may have persuaded me otherwise.

I am getting a bit obsessed by going to blogging events at the minute - I love meeting the people that are in the blogging community, and it seems like you just 'know' them from reading their blogs. if I was going to turn down a cocktail-making event!

I was chuffed to be dicking about working with DanniJenPippa and Colette - some of my favourite and beautiful bloggers!

First off all we were treated to canapes, and then we were shown how to make a variety of cocktails. It was a real eye-opener as we used a variety of methods and tools to make them. It wasn't just shaking them up and down like in that bad film with Tom Cruise...nah this was PROPER cocktail making, with crushed ice and EVERYTHING.

The lovely Danielle, and some of our cocktail efforts....

Once we had learned ALL the tricks of the trade, including how to successfully squeeze lemon juice all over the chopping board "Oooh this is great..." I said, squeezing the lemon with this cool press-thing - all over the table. I didn't realise that I had to hold it over my glass...

Once we had learned, we had to invent our own cocktail. There were some fabulous ones. Mine was DEAD NICE, honestly - I was surprised myself. I used vodka, loads of fresh lemon, lime, mint, a dash of liquid sugar, loads of crushed ice and blackcurrent liquor.

Gorgeous Pippa and all of our yummy cocktails

The aim of inventing our own cocktail was to make one that represented Manchester in some way. We had to name it and explain why it represented the city - which was a great idea. However, I had entirely forgotten the brief and just went "errrrr......"


Yeh great name for a cocktail that. Can you spell it?


Like a cross between an Arctic Monkey's song and a toilet cleaner. Yummy, I'm sure.

Anyway, I said it represented Manchester because it was "Mint."


Anyway, after all the tasting and judging - I was WELL CHUFFED that Danni won. Her cocktail Happy Rum Days (Happy Mondays...geddit???) was actually really nice with loads of rum in and great colours. She won a stay overnight for two  in any Copthorne hotel - YAY, what a fantastic treat.

I had a fantastic time, the hotel was lovely - staff so helpful and friendly. They really knew their stuff! Most of all I was just so chuffed to spend some time with some lovely bloggers!


  1. Lol great post!! Looks like a great night out!! Xx

  2. The lemon juice moment was pure class ;-)


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