Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thoughts From Under The Duvet

Sometimes bed is the best place to be. If you find yourself (and who doesn’t, sometimes) starting to crave the oblivion of sleep at weird and inconvenient times of day, however, it’s just possible that your mattress isn’t quite as comfortable as it was when you bought it. Unless of course it’s because you were up all night with a fractious two-year old – in which case perhaps their mattress isn’t quite doing it for them!


A decent night’s sleep is the best way of coping with the hectic lifestyle that so many of us lead these days, and it’s just as important for kids as it is for adults. A good, suitable bed is a must, and different people have different needs when it comes to beds and mattresses. There are some great offers (as well as next-day delivery) at the bedstar page so if this post inspires you to replace your lumpy old mattress with a new one, have a look!


Sleep researchers in California showed in 2002 that around six to seven hours sleep every night was the ideal for adults, with significantly lower figures being detrimental to health. Not enough sleep can apparently lead to heart problems and weight gain in adults. For kids, the ideal amount of sleep varies with age, but for newborns it’s around 12-18 hours, rising to 11-13 hours for 3- to 5-year olds, and 10 or 11 hours for 5- to 10-year olds.


Different kinds of mattresses have different lifespans, and they’re affected by how well they’ve been looked after. Sprung mattresses can be expected to give 7-10 years service, so if you’re constantly being poked by springs, think about treating yourself! Modern memory foam types may last up to 20 years these days. It’s also important to flip and/or rotate mattresses according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Getting kids to sleep quickly will obviously help you to sleep as well, and there are things you can do to help. Different kids have different sleep patterns; putting night owls to bed too early won’t change their body clocks, so introduce realistic, individual bedtimes. Try to keep getting-up times consistent across weekends as well. Pre-bed routines (bath and story, for example) are also very helpful. Keep things calm and relaxing before bedtime, and minimize screen use (TV and computers) for a couple of hours beforehand.

Once the little darlings are safely tucked up, use your extra me-time to good effect! There are plenty of relaxing things you can do in your new bed, some of them more obvious than others; try aromatherapy or a facial mask as relaxation methods before you fall asleep.

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