Saturday, 5 April 2014

Show Me Where You Study

So I have taken it upon myself to tag my blog in Kev's 'Show Me Where You Study.' I was very impressed with his work space - totally in awe, in fact. So organised and well...a real office! You can read his post here. Kev writes a student blog about his journey to become a Forensic Psychologist - I like to keep up to speed with his posts.
So anyway...I'll show you my study space.

I used to study on the train. I take my books to work every day with the intention of studying on my dinner, but I rarely do. So the majority of my study is done on our dining table. Sometimes I read in bed. Or I lock myself in the toilet for half an hour to get away from the kids when Warren is there.

 I have so much reading to do and only a little bit of time, so I have to take every spare second that I can. Below are my pictures. Please enjoy/laugh at me or whatever, and if you are a student - go on, show me where you study!

Mine is the one on the left - hubby is a teacher and also works from this table!

This is me in a Peppa Pig blanket at 1am finishing my last essay

The regular interruption
Me today. I can totally work like this!


  1. This is awesome :) I have a bad case of OCD when it comes to my desk. I even argue with the wife when she put the cloths on it to be organised lol

  2. Particularly loving the last photo, very 'work at home mum' ;-) xx

  3. I'm actually thinking of doing an OU course too once my daughter starts school next year. A bit anxious because I haven't been a student since University days and that was 20 years ago! Love your photos, especially the last one! ;)


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