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Review: Beco Baby Carrier

We received this product free of charge for the purpose of the review. All words and views are my own.

As you know, we have two babies under the age of three. Alice is two, and Rosie is one. Before Rosie was born we did have a conversation about what mode of transport we would use for them. After all, two babies of that age would be quite difficult to cart around!
We decided eventually that we would purchase a double buggy. This is what we use most of the time when we are out with them, and have done since Rosie was born. However, this can be tricky getting in and out of shops. When we were offered the chance to review a baby carrier by Beco we were very excited. Here is how we got on.

We have tried this carrier quite a few times now, and I am reporting back here with what I have found.

Ease of Use

We had never used a carrier before, so at first we thought that it would be tricky. Warren is pretty good at this sort of thing, but I was unsure. However, the instructions were clear and easy to understand. We tended to sit down whenever we were strapping Rosie in to it. This gave us a better grip on her, and we felt more confident that she would be secure, although we found it easy to pop her in if we were both there.
The carrier can be used on babies up to a weight of 45lbs, so we found that although we had intended to use it for just Rosie, and have Alice in the single buggy, we often changed the girls over, and Alice enjoyed the carrier too.
I particularly enjoyed the fact that we could just push a single buggy around the shops. I love my double buggy, but sometimes it is so difficult pushing it around small shops - the baby carrier meant that we largely avoided this problem.

Snug as a bug!


The design is great. The colours we picked were fairly neutral so it looked good, but there are plenty of designs to choose from. The clasps are secure and both Rosie and Alice felt secure inside. The carrier also has a pocket at the front so you can store a small item in there. I chose tissues, as I thought that was what we would need the most - and I wasn't wrong!
It is very easy to secure the straps and tighten and loosen them - both myself and Warren carried the girls in this way without a problem.

Our Use

As we have the two young girls, I am obviously explaining this from my point of view. We are used to having some difficulties going out with the two young ones, and this did simplify things quite a lot. If you only had one baby to contend with, then again, I would imagine that this item would simplify your life - especially if you are out shopping. Baby feels close and snug to your chest and you are free to use your hands in any way you like (instead of pushing a buggy!)

Baby Number 2!

The carrier is multi-positional, and baby can be carried on your back. Warren preferred the babies facing him, and the babies did to - so this worked for us.

We enjoyed using this product, and we keep it in the box in the boot of the car. This way, when we do go out we can use it any time we like. I think that it is an excellent product to have, and would really recommend it.

This carrier retails for £99, but price varies depending on design.

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  1. this looks really super Kerry and i like the weight distribution on it :-)

  2. This looks like a great carrier Kerrie - love that you were able to try it with both girls. I'm starting to think I need something new for Amy as she's getting a bit heavier - my current sling doesn't feel quite supportive enough now.

    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x

  3. Toby Goes Bananas24 April 2014 at 17:36

    This looks like a great carrier - it's similar to the Lillebaby one we have (we keep it in the car too!) and it's good to know I'll probably still be able to use it when Toby gets bigger.

  4. This looks a good carrier, I like that it can be used on the front or back. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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