Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Not Without Consent...

Do you remember any teachers telling you the age of consent to have sex?

Did your mother tell you what the legal age was?

I learned the age of consent flicking through copies of Just Seventeen at aged 12 whilst listening to Relight My Fire by Take That and Lulu, giggling at the grown-up words without a care in the world.
It is a fact that schools are not teaching the age of consent. Is this a problem?


Do I expect teachers and schools to teach my children the age of consent?

I'm not sure.

The problem I have really is the fact that consent for sex, in any form, is by and large not taught to our children.

As a female, I was taught to not wear low cut dresses.

As a female, I was taught not to show too much leg. As a female, I would get 'unwanted attention.'

Are the males in our society taught not to rape?


85,000 women are raped in England and Wales each year.

Over 400,000 women are sexually assaulted each year.

Something is going wrong.  I believe that somewhere along the way, rape is not being addressed. We are not talking to our children about this. Either in schools or in the home. At any age.

Consent. One little word. A word that is not being addressed. 85,000 is a shocking number. Where are we going wrong?

We're not fair game.

We're not asking for it.

What we wear should not affect our ability to consent or otherwise.

So yes, we should be teaching the age of consent. Then maybe we'll get round to mentioning the actual word consent to our children, teaching them the importance of respect for women's bodies, at every age.

What are we afraid of?

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  1. Well said xx

  2. Great post - weird but I've never really thought about that. Now I have a son, I will definitely be talking to him about it when the time comes.


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