Monday, 28 April 2014

"I don't care if it is 11am, I am NOT getting dressed!"

Alice is two years old. Which means she likes playing, and jumping, Peppa Pig, wiggly-worn pasta and making pretend cups of tea.

She also likes to call the shots.

A lot.
On my days off work, she rarely gets dressed before 11am. I tend to potter about and play with the kids, catch up on some housework before taking them to the library for Story Time in the afternoon.

Rosie likes to get dressed.

But this post is not about Rosie, this is about Alice. And Alice simply will not get dressed.

Arms full of baby Rosie drinking her milk, I call to her..."Alice if you get dressed I'll play shopkeeper's with you...we can't play shopkeepers if you don't get dressed. Shopkeepers wear clothes not pyjamas..."

She looks totally unimpressed.

She's already shuffled off her Peppa Pig pyjama top. She calls the shots. I know this. So I decide that I will be Mum, I will win this great power struggle.

"Alice! If you don't come here straight away then there will be trouble!" Problem is I don't really know what kind of trouble I am going to cause? Maybe I'll knock the cushions off the couch, or turn CBeebies off. Woooo! Scary shit stuff.

"I'm not trouble!" She offers back.

Hmm. I'm losing, here, I think. Right...

"Alice - if you do not come here by the count of three..." I begin to count. Slowly. I know she can count. I wonder if Rosie has nearly finished her bottle, then I can go and grab Alice and wrestle her clothes on.

Alice smiles. She knows that once I get to three I'm not going to do anything. Idle threats. She knows I'm stuck.

"NO NO NO! You can't GET ME!"

At last, Rosie is asleep. I pop her on the couch, kneel to Alice's level, and carefully explain. " can't go to Story Time in your pyjamas can you, Get dressed, we'll have dinner and then we'll go. You can even have wiggly-worm pasta."

YES! She gets dressed happily, and all is calm once again.

Sometimes you can reason with a two-year-old.


  1. I still can't get F dressed - he is juts so uninterested an no threat work! He doesn't even like wiggly worm pasta :(

  2. I'm not a big fan of getting dressed either.I found myself nagging the 3 year old to get his clothes on the other day, only to realise, I was still in my PJs. He just raised one eyebrow and flounced off with a swish of dressing gown. Great post.


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