Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Frugal Living With Kids

This article was written by K. Watson who is a freelance writer.
Times are tough, and it’s affected us all, no matter our social status. Things can be all the more difficult when you have kids to consider – after all, they still need exactly the same care as ever. Unfortunately, if you’re currently not working, or even if you are, you’re probably feeling the pinch. When you’ve got kids, you’ll want to give them the best of everything – but not being super-rich doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll have to go without. Rather than feel guilty about the things you can’t provide, just make a few simple changes and you’ll be living like a Queen… well, almost!

1.       Follow Some Frugal Blogs

There are literally thousands of websites out there to get you thinking like Little Miss Thrifty as opposed to Mrs Moneybags. Whether you want to plan a family budget (recommended – check out DailyProof!) or simply get a few ideas on money saving deals (Groupon is a great source) then there are loads of ways you can get involved. You don’t need student discounts these days – just grab your coupon codes and you’re all set! And no, you don’t have to turn into a crazy lady like on those American TV shows.

2.       Upcycle

Upcycling is an excellent way to make something shiny and new out of your old tat. Whether it’s to sell on, brighten up the home, or simply to give the kids a project for a rainy day, it’s not going to cost all that much to take part in. Here’s one I made earlier? As much as we’d love to be, not all of us are born Blue Peter Presenters. If arts and crafts sound like your idea of hell, your child may fortunately be somewhat more creative! Even if they’re not, the results will keep you entertained!

3.       Shop Savvy

Make a list before you go out shopping. You’ll no doubt have been told this countless times, but it needs telling again, because hardly anyone actually does it. If you do that, you’re not going to be swayed by the endless ‘PICK ME, PICK ME’ signs seemingly screaming from an otherwise ordinary loaf of bread. That said, it’s never shameful to check out the reduced aisle. Anything you find on there can be frozen, and it can really pay off to find a bargain. Besides, if you’re going to treat yourself, it may as well be to a fillet steak marked down to £1. Unless it’s something for your child. Obviously…

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  1. Or a book ... I was taught (by my dad) that "books don't count", which is great for a history addicted student, and for a mum trying to interest her children in broader topics, but not so grand these days when I have little or no money for myself - so amended, "books don't count if they are from a charity shop or from Amazon and only cost 1p + p&p"!


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