Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Buying A New Bed

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Every now and again, something ‘big’ in the house needs replacing. Last year we bought as new fridge after the old one leaked all over the kitchen floor. More recently we replaced our ten year old washing machine because it was only washing on cold. Every time I know that I need to replace a ‘big’ household item I get a bit excited. And a bit scared at the same time. Out with the old. But how much is the new item going to hit me in the pocket??

I am by no means tight – but everyone has a budget and I enjoy getting high quality products for a bargain – who doesn’t?

The next ‘big’ thing that we need replacing is our bed. (No inappropriate jokes please!) We have had it for around four years now, and to be honest, the kids don’t fully appreciate it as our place of rest. And let’s face it, as parents we don’t get that much rest anyway! What little sleep we do get in our house is being ruined by our creaky bed. The children jump on our bed (as well as our heads) every morning. So we need a new one. (And new strict rules for our children, clearly!)

I have been looking around for beds. I love LOVE love four poster beds – I think they are gorgeous. But, alas, we live in a fairly ordinary house and I think a four-poster may just look a bit out of place. What we really need would be a double or a king size bed with plenty of storage. Having three kids means that we do struggle for storage space, so any extra would be a bonus. Something like this pictured below would be ideal.

Then there is the small matter of the two babies. We currently have Rosie in a cot, and Alice in a small single bed in the same room. The room is quite big so them sharing is fine. However, when they are both a little bit bigger, I would definitely look at getting them bunk beds. I think they are great to save space and they look fabulous in a room as well. This one pictured looks gorgeous. Maybe we would have to wait at least a couple of years until we got them though, just until they are old enough – I’m sure we will manage with the small bed and cot for now.

So – I think we may just have to crack on and get a new bed for ourselves. I’ve been looking at cheap beds online and in shops. There really are so many to choose from, the difference in price and range can be confusing, so I imagine it will take us quite a while to pick. I’m quite excited now, I’m sure that my husband feels exactly the same...

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