Wednesday, 16 April 2014


If you are a blogger like me then you  may relate to some of these issues. If you are not, you may just be thinking a) why on earth anyone would want to be a blogger, and b) is she mental.

Either of these is fine.

As long as you take a selfie, write it down and addit to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and any other social media you can stand.

Here is what runs through my head as a blogger.

1. Should I blog about THAT?


I've took the photo. It's not quite so flattering. Should I post it? Who reads my blog anyway, it's basically just a silly little record. Should I just press 'post'? What if my mother sees it?

Feminine hygiene, the neck of my womb, my wonky left nipple.

Am I covering these issues...really?

2. What Am I Reviewing?

No. Seriously. I forgot what I was meant to be writing about.


I'm driving. Phone call home. "Warren - whatever you take out of the freezer for tea, take a photo of it. I've forgotten what I'm reviewing."

Cue taking photos of everything consumed, used, played with in the house. For weeks until I find the blogging to-do list.

3. Should I be PAID to write?

Will this dilute the content of my blog? It's a useful article.

How poor am I?

Do I need the money?

It's just like an advert, like on the telly it's fine. OK...just how badly written is it?

4. I can TOTALLY help out the local community and charities in my area

Would you like me to blog about that to raise awareness?

Yes, OK.

Cue 97,569 emails telling me what to write, how to word it, and most importantly who to mention the most. Photographs. Not that one, THIS one. Yes. Me in the middle. I RUN the charity.

As a blogger I have witnessed that sometimes, charity is not silent. Charity wants a massive pat on the back, and, I suppose, rightly so.


*spends hours re-writing*



Just kidding. I'm saving a boobs-out photo for when the blog is just about to fold...sort of like a last minute HURRAH.


  1. chantelle hazelden16 April 2014 at 18:16

    LOL aaa the life off a blogger :) x #MMWBH

  2. Lol! Love this - I often forget what I am meant to review and just photograph everything. The kids ask me every day if I need to take a photo of this toy, or that game, bless em! #MMWBH

  3. Oh yes, I can relate to much of this. Not, however, that I shall be getting my boobs out any time soon.

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  5. Love this. I don't do much but write personal posts on my blog but can totally relate to that feeling of wondering weather to post. 'Who's reading? Can I believe I'm putting this out there...' Then that nervous moment next time you see someone who you know reads your blog in real life and have to look them in the eye. Ekkkk!

  6. This post is such a giggle. I totally relate to the 'whose reading my blog', I think every blogger does. Fab post Hun, thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH


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