Sunday, 6 April 2014

A326 Empire: TMA 05 TMA 06

I can't believe I only have one more essay and then the final EMA. The EMA is the externally marked assessment - the big one that counts for 50% of the grade.

No pressure then.

TMA 05 Results

I was really shattered doing TMA 05. You can read about that here. I was a bit disappointed that extensions on essays were frowned upon by other students. I understand why, but to be honest it really did get to me. That led to me staying up most of the night writing TMA 05. Wearing this:

A Peppa Pig blanket. I took this photo so that I would never get quite this pathetic again. Just like when I take photos of my messy desk and work space to make sure that I never get myself in that position again.

It never works. The photos are just evidence of my disorganised and haphazard way of working.

And work, it does. For now anyway. TMA 05 was one of my highest scores, a decent Pass 1 grade. If you read this you will know that I don't disclose my essay marks. I'm a bit scared of failing the final hurdle. I will disclose them once the course has ended!

TMA 06 and the EMA

So the pressure is off a little bit for TMA 06, which again, is a compare and contrast exercise, this time about decolonisation. I am actually very happy with this type of essay, and I have read ahead for this one to give myself plenty of time for the EMA, as this is the most important assignment for obvious reasons.

I have given myself a deadline of this Friday to finish my essay and have it submitted so that I can crack on with the task at hand. I have a tutorial on Saturday - my final one for this academic year.

It has flown by.

In Training?

This week I have been practising reading while the kids are about making noise. I want to be in training for when I do (if I do) post grad stuff. I will have a lot more reading and work to do. So I need to learn to do this while the kids are about. I've got through LOADS this weekend.

I am really starting to enjoy this course. Really getting my teeth into it. I think it is all coming together. Not just Empires - the whole world. I know that's quite a bold and possibly ridiculous statement and I can't really put into words what I mean just yet. I think I am trying to say that my whole degree is now coming together. I feel like I know what I am talking about. I feel like I have broken some sort of barrier - I'm not just a mother trying to make up for lost time by doing a 'course.' I DO know what I am talking about, and I DO have direction.

I just have children and a job and other life-stuff on at the same time.

And, for a change, I feel like I am managing!

This weekend I have even found time to pick up The Age of Empire and Globalisation, Democracy and Terror  both by Eric Hobsbawm.

And just for the record, here is his study.

Love it.

Not long left now. Just two more assignments.


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