Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What's In Your Changing Bag?

I like to think that I am an organised Mum. We have a baby changing bag that we take out with us wherever we go. Obviously having the three kids means that we pack quite a lot into our bag! We tend to take things for each of the children - even the ten year old!

As you can see, we have quite a large plain black bag. If I'm honest I would really have loved a Pink Lining Change Bag - but at the time, having the two babies, it just wasn't in our budget to do it. As you can see from the photo - our bag has been well-worn - so it just may be my time to have Pink Lining bag... Mother's Day is coming up soon - what a lovely gift one would make!

So, what do you put in your bag? Here is our list!

1. Nappies & Wipes

The obvious ones. As we have the two babies, we have two different sized nappies, and make sure that we have at least one pack of baby wipes in there. Wipes obviously come in handy for wiping their chocolate-gobs also! I usually have a spare pot of nappy rash cream in there as well.

2. Change of Clothes/Bibs

I like to keep two sleepsuits in the bag. I'm not so organised as to have two full outfits, I think if they have had a nappy accident or whatever, I'm happy for them to spend a few hours in a clean sleepsuit!I also carry a couple of bibs in there as well - saves spoiling the clothes!

3. Food!

I always keep some children's snacks in the bag. Usually some crisps between them, some fruit pots or yogurts. I always have plastic spoons in there as well - the kids are always hungry and it makes sense to have some food in there instead of paying over the odds when we're out. I also have bottled water in there.

So that's it really. That's what we have in our changing bag. If I had a Pink Lining one, then I would use it as a handbag as well and probably pop my phone in there as well. But as we just have the plain bag it is very much a 'functional' tool rather than a fashion item! I can only hope for Mother's Day...

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