Sunday, 23 March 2014

The BUY MY HOUSE Campaign...

If you read my blog you will know that a very long time ago I was a single mother.

Single parent.

Or lone parent is the term I preferred.

To cut a very long and painful story short, and to sum it up on one sentence:

I was abandoned pregnant at aged 21 and doomed to fend for myself.

OK maybe that is a little dramatic. I had help from my parents and some good friends. But essentially, I was abandoned to the sneering society that frowned upon my situation. Single. And with a baby...woooooo.

So, you know what I did.

I set my mind to Get Up And Go. I worked in admin for a car firm, so I didn't earn very much. But with my brother acting as guarantor, I bought my own house.

Go Team me.


They are not the scum of the earth after all. I paid my own mortgage and bills and managed to raise a sensible and delightful child alone.

Then, another long story short, and in one sentence so as to keep it consistent:

I met the love of my life; we got married and bought a house together.

That was 4 and a bit years ago.

So now. My little house. My delightful two-up and two-down terraced house in Manchester is stood alone; abandoned and unloved in the world. A bit like I was all those years ago.

I am still paying for the mortgage and its upkeep*

*Council tax, hurrah for paying two lots of council tax each month.

I love its porch front door. The two baby trees my Dad planted all those years ago - now in need of a trim they have grown so big.

The lounge. I paid someone to sand the floorboards to bring out their natural knots and shine. Me and Emily sat on the couch together reading. Lulu the hamster who kept escaping running in her ball along the floor.

The bedroom where Emily used to climb in beside me most night an we'd cuddle together. The sound of that bloody rogue hamster** scurrying in the bedroom having escaped and climbed the stairs.

And the bathroom where Emily once dunked her Postman Pat cat Jess in the bath - and each time it miaowed after that it sounded like a deranged zombie-cat.

And so now, again in one sentence:

Please help me sell this house, it needs a loving owner.

This chapter of my life, although cherished and remembered, is now closed. This house needs a new family. A new chapter for itself*

*Also, paying two mortgages and two sets of council tax and insurance is not conducive to a happy healthy life. 

The link to the house is here.

Will you buy my house? Will you click the 'share' button for this post on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you can, so that we can find someone who will?

(OK that was two sentences.)


**We managed to get the hamster back in the cage eventually. She lived to a ripe old age.

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  1. Will share for you lovely - crossing all my fingers and toes you sell it very very soon x


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