Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review: Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

 We were sent this Easter egg to provide an honest review. All words and views are my own.

Easter is nearly upon us - hasn't this year just flown by?? So when Hotel Chocolat asked if I would like to work with them to review one of their super-luxurious eggs of course I was delighted. We have worked with Hotel Chocolat a number of times, the kids especially loved the advent calendar we reviewed just before Christmas.
So, in true 'reviewer' form, we set to checking out this amazing egg.

First of all the packaging is amazing. I was absolutely delighted to receive this in the post - luxury packaging and gorgeous little name tag and card with my name on. I really thought what a fabulous present this would be for a loved one.

The egg itself is wrapped up in beautiful packaging. The egg does not need to be broken as the two halves are packaged separately in the box, with the yummy, funny goodies packed safely in the middle!

You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Easter Egg
We were well impressed!

The little baby chicks, rabbits, dippy-egg soldiers and smiley faces were simply adorable. The kids were eager to get involved with the taste-test, and we even enlisted the help of some of our friends - after all, it's quite a big egg and it would be rude not to share!

The chocolate itself was yummy. It is quite rich, and the little characters inside all had different textures and tastes, such as praline and other yummy flavours on the menu. Emily and Alice mostly liked the little chicks.

I think these eggs are great. This one retails at £28, which is probably a tad more expensive than I would pay for an Easter egg - however, you are getting some great quality luxury chocolates. I think for a present for a loved one as a surprise delivery over the Easter period, this would be perfect.

You can check out their range of chocolates on their website. I thoroughly recommend them.

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