Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

What on earth do you get your Mum for Mother's Day? Below are some ideas. I am still not sure which one I will be picking for my Mum, but even if I knew I don't think I'd put it on here - she does read this blog sometimes! I have also included a great deal in this post for a lovely photo canvas, including a discount code.

1. Flowers

Does your Mum like flowers? Mine is not a fan to be honest. If I was going to get flowers I would buy a potted plant or something like that instead.

So that's a NO from me.

2. Chocolates

Hmmm. Maybe. Everyone likes chocolate, right? Not sure if I would like chocolate for Mother's Day - I'm always trying to watch my weight and chocolate can't be too good for that can it really?

3. Pamper

You could treat your Mum to hair and make-up. I often think about doing this although I am not too sure what she would like. However, I usually manage to get it right somehow!

4. Gift Vouchers

Always a winer, I reckon. I like to pick Boots or somewhere it's easy to pick whatever they like up. No stress. But probably not the most thoughtful of gifts.

Or you could try something a little different...

5. Photo canvas

Picanova have got a great deal on photo canvases at the moment, detailed below. You could nick a Facebook photograph from your Mum's profile and get it put on a canvas. Details of the Mother's Day special offer is below.

£14.99 for a 60 x 40 cm canvas - 72% discount
- FREE shipping
- Order by March 20 for guaranteed Mother's Day delivery –extended to March 23, due to popular demand
- Use the code: SAVEONCANVAS
To give you an indication, here’s what a 60cm x 40cm canvas costs at other retailers:
- Tesco usually £49.50 but currently half price at £29.75
- Aldi £42.35
- Photoworld £46
- Asda £50
- Foto £66.39
So, what are you going to get your Mum? I'll be honest - I actually have no idea at this moment in time, although the canvas idea is a pretty great one. I'd best get my thinking cap on hadn't I??
This post was brought to you in association with Picanova.

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  1. TheGiftCardCentre UK6 April 2014 at 21:03

    just give her what she really wants - a gift card from her favourite shop! top gift cards for mums include debenhams, body shop, laura ashley and zizzi and pizza express


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