Sunday, 23 March 2014

Great Cartoon Mysteries of our Time

Have you ever sat and watched children's television with your little ones?

It's entirely bonkers.

As you can imagine I have sat through many hours of children's telly. And you know what, I have some questions - can you relate?

Daddy Pig's Car

What is that man doing? Every damn thing in Peppa Pig land is on a hill. A pretty massive hill as well - almost vertical.

And he parks his car on the slant...EVERY TIME.

Won't someone think of the children??

The Fat Controller


Maybe he is just a bit chunky? Maybe he has a gland problem? Maybe he is on a diet.

Even if he is just a bit podgy then is his name actually The Fat Controller? Can he not just be called Dave or something?

When I was a child I thought that he had the important job of being The Fact Controller. That would have been much nicer, I think.

Charlie & Lola's Parents

Have you ever seen them? I haven't. I'll be honest I am slightly worried about these two children who are practically left to fend for themselves. They go to school, to the park and make their own breakfasts.


Big Cook Little Cook

So one is normal sized. And the other is miniature. Like the size of a tea-spoon or something.


I don't get it. He is a normal man in every other way, and yet he is small. Again, I'm worried.

And finally, one from the 80s.

Captain Planet

So Captain Planet saved the planet on a regular basis. He also gave five special people special super-powers.

Earth - the man could cause the earth to shake and tremor with his bare hands
Fire - a real fire-starter - handy in baddie-emergencies
Wind - Tornado-power - always useful
Water - Typhoons, rule the waves - great gift to have
Heart - erm...erm... what WAS heart anyway?

Looks like he was at the back of the queue when Captain Planet was picking powers for his Planeteers..


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  1. Ha! I too have concerns for Charlie and Lola. Absent parent alert. Quick call social services! Great post


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