Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Favourite Holiday Books

As you can probably guess, as a student of history, my reading can be quite dry at times! I enjoy factual books, politics, source books and anything to do with history really! It's an added bonus if they relate to my module at the time, and then I might be able to use it in my essay! However, when I go on holiday, I am a bit different. I don't really like to read about historiography and theory when I am on my hols - I tend to go for something a little bit more light hearted.


I like to switch off to them. I find that with comics, or 'graphic novels' as they are better known take you to a different world and really fire up your imagination. My favourites include The Sandman series. People tend to think that comics are all super heroes and for children, but they are not. I've got quite the comic book collection on my shelf!

Horrible Histories

I am a massive fan of the TV programme. I think it is great for kids, educational and funny. I also love the fact that they can deal with the most complicated of historical fact, and make it seem easy and fun. I have used the Horrible Histories songs and scenes in my head more times than I care to remember for my essays and even in my exams! I was delighted when I received the full set of books for Christmas a couple of years back!

Crime Fiction

I also quite like crime fiction. Before the reading for my degree became too heavy I used to read Ruth Rendell and Patricia Cornwell. To be honest I have not had a chance to read anything like that for a while, but I'm sure I will be packing one in my case for our summer holiday!

So what are your favourite holiday books?  Thomas Cook have a fantastic new World Book Day App to help you decide what to take on holiday with you - maybe this will help you decide! I am pretty sure I will be giving it a go for our next holiday - that's if I can tear myself away from my uni books for a little while!

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